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Visual Designer

Creating and refining templates for all forms of marketing collateral to be used company wide. Typesetting and integration of data visualization for long form quarterly financial reports and marketing materials. This work was done using programs such as InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Word, and Excel. Our efforts ensured that all company communications were produced consistently, professionally, and in a streamlined manner.


Environmental Designer
Agency: Drive 21

Design and production preparation of permanent environmental graphics for the MLB office headquarters in Manhattan. This project combined cut vinyl lettering, large printed wall murals, and CNC routed elements to create a memorable office environment that paid homage to the history and legacy of the MLB. My experience managing large scale graphic installations and efficiently producing pre-press artwork made a huge difference in making this project a reality in a timely manner with minimal complications.


Production Designer
Agency: George P. Johnson

Lead production design efforts for all Google events handled by our agency. This role required tireless collaboration with fellow designers, event producers, and our fabrication facility in Tennessee. Would travel on-site to oversee the delivery and proper installation of trade show graphics and structures. Leading up to and during large event installations I would direct a team of freelancers to assist with the high volume of work needed under tight deadlines.


Production Designer
Agency: George P. Johnson

Production design for trade show booths and major conferences. Worked in much of the same capacity as with Google (see above). Was responsible for creating event resource kits that included templates for banners, brochures, name tags, digital displays, agendas, apparel, and other marketing collateral that was then cataloged for IBM employees on their internal servers.

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